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Friday, 1 August 2014

I've Got a Studio!!

As the title says, I've now got a studio! It is soooo exciting and why I've not posted for a few weeks.  

I moved in about 2 weeks ago, into a small studio space in Nooch (a Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free grocery store) in Wigan.  I've been selling my items in there for a few months and, when Ged suggested I get a space to work in, it seemed like a great place to be.

I've got room to work, teach workshops and sell my creations, as well as storage space for my supplies.  I've spent a lot of time making it look great and I've still got things to do - like putting up my bunting.

I now feel like a real artist and have even taken the big step of changing my job title on Facebook to Textile Artist.

To go with my studio, I've now got a website with details of my workshops on.  In time, there will also be a shop on there to - www.thegingerbreadbunny.co.uk 

To celebrate, I'm having an open studio day on the 16th August where you can have a peek try your hand at felt making, enjoy some refreshments and 10% off all purchases (including workshops) on the day.  If you live near a Wigan then it would be great to see you.

Keep popping back for more photographs. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Crochet Bling!

I've recently developed a thing for blinging things with crochet - to be honest, if you add crochet to it then it's better right? 

I've been working on clothing for a while (you will have to wait and see that) but this week I've been blinging a clock I bought from Ikea for my new studio (more about that next week!) 

I crocheted lots of flowers, using a fabulous pattern from ATERGcrochet on Etsy (I adore her patterns and they are well worth checking out. She also allows you to sell items made from her patterns which is truly awesome!) 

I used Rico Cotton Essentials in lots of different colours from my stash.  It has a lovely sheen to it and, being cotton, has some stiffness to it when worked up on a small hook.

Once all my flowers where complete, I glued them on, using pegs to hold them all in place whilst the glue dried and voila, one significantly improved clock.

Who knows what will get the crochet bling next? 

Friday, 4 July 2014

I Can Make That!

I use to be the person who said "I can make that!" 

All the time! I'd go to craft fairs and other such crafty places, spot something I like and think "I won't buy it, I'll make it." And did I? 99% of the time, no. Sometimes because I later decided I didn't really want it or because I just didn't have the time.  

A lot of the time it was because I just couldn't make it as pretty as they did. I didn't have the right colours or materials and when I put what I did have together it just didn't work.

Now I look back on these occasions, I realise that what I should have been doing is supporting the artist.  If I like it, I should buy it. I should take home a little piece of them and their creativity. 

At Woolfest last weekend there was the most beautiful stall, H-Anne-Made. Anne makes the most amazing stitched collage pieces and I wanted to take home every piece. She had kits. But it was the tins I loved. I admired the paper, the stitching and the lovely message 'a tin to keep my treasures in'. The thought crept in, "I could make that." I wandered off and continued shopping.  Later, I met Mr Bunny and hound myself telling him about the tin. I returned to the stall and had another good luck at it. I then thought to myself, " it's gorgeous. Buy it. This artist gas worked hard to make this and you could own a piece of her creativity. You won't make one and, if you did, it would never be like this one." So I bought it. And I'm so glad I did. I know that I would have been so gutted if I hadn't.

So, what am I trying to say? We each have our own crafts. Mine are crochet, felting and a teeny bit of sewing. I dabble in others but they are my main areas. It is ok, in fact it is amazing, to buy a piece by another artist because you are not only supporting them but also buying a piece of their creativity.  

Next time you see a piece and think 'I could make that' remember the tin! 

The Tin

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Yarn Review - WI Yarn for Hobbycraft

Some time back, I volunteered to review some yarn for Hobbycraft. 

I was very lucky to be chosen as one of three crafty bloggers to receive a parcel of the new range of Women's Institue yarn to work with and review.  

Women's Institute yarns have been designed and made especially for Hobbycraft with 3p from the sale of each ball going to the National Federation of Women's Institutes.  You can buy the yarn online via the Hobbycraft website or from your local store.

In the parcel where 6 balls - 2 balls of Premium Acrylic DK, 2 balls of Soft and Cuddly 4ply and 2 balls of Soft and Silky 4ply. I thought hard about the best way to get a feel for the yarn and finally decided to work up a square motif in each yarn and colour . This allowed me to work with the yarn for a good length of time to be able to evaluate it.

Premium Acrylic Yarn DK - 100g - 282m - £2.20

This is a good quality, acrylic yarn up there with the likes of Sirdar and James C Brett.  It is soft and has a lovely shine to it.

As you can see, the stitch definition is good and, when crocheting with it, it doesn't split like some acrylic yarns do!  

There is a good range of colours available in the range, from bright shades to these more subtle shades.  Overall this is a great yarn that I would consider next time I'm shopping for acrylic yarn!

Soft & Cuddly 4ply - 100% acrylic - 50g - 125m - £3 (usually £3.29) 

This yarn is soooooo soft! Definitely one for babies, children and those of us who love soft yarn.  It is a 4ply that I found worked up as a DK weight yarn.  It has a lovely sheen to it.

It is easy to crochet with, working up smoothly with no splitting.  The stitch definition is excellent.

The range includes bright and pastel solids as well as the pink flecks and blue stripes. The pink flecks was by far my favourite. Although I like the shades of blue in the stripes, the length of the colour changes makes it better suited for longer rows rather than smaller motifs.  

I loved working with thus yarn and intend to use it to crochet some baby garments for a local charity, Pearl & Peggy, that sends gifts of blankets and clothes to premature babies and their families.

Soft & Silky 4ply - 100% microfiber acrylic - 100g - 304 metres - £3

I have never worked with a microfiber yarn before and I wasn't disappointed! Thus is a beautiful yarn to work with a gorgeous sheen to it which reminds me of working cotton but is much softer! 

The stitch definition is excellent and it works up as a 4ply yarn.  The colour range is lovely with some fabulous bright colours.

Overall, I loved this yarn and it has definitely encouraged me to use more microfiber in my crochet.  I can see a beautiful scarf or shawl worked up in this!

Keep checking back to see what becomes of my yarn!