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Monday, 31 December 2012

Out with the old and in with the new

(Photo courtesy of anniemandbenc on Flickr)
I can't believe that it is New Years Eve 2012!  I'm not the biggest fan of New Year (I'm much more of a Christmas girl) but I do like the opportunity to spend a bit of time reflecting on what the past 12 months have bought and thinking about what I want the following year to bring.


2012 has been a funny old year for me. 

Personally, it's been quite a tough year for me and I've made some pretty massive decisions about my life.  In fact, today is officially my last day in my current job as a full time primary school teacher (I'm not going to go into details now, that is for a future post!) The decision was a hard one but one I am extremley happy with.  I will be working as a supply teacher for a while, as well as continuing with my private tutoring - which I love.  I will also be able to devote more time to The Gingerbread Bunny, which I am really excited about.

The Gingerbread Bunny has continued to grow. I've developed some new designs and my funky applique clothing line as well as teaching more workshops and selling at a few events. 

Last year I set myself 2 crafty resolutions:

1:  To learn how to do Tunisian crochet.  I saw Holly (who has started a crafty blog - check it out) doing some Tunisian crochet and the final effect is gorgeous.  

I'm pleased to report that I have been learning the basic tunisian crochet stitch thanks to the beautiful shawls designed by Aoibhe Ni.  I have made a couple of Pax Shawls, for me and as gifts, and made the Elderflower tunisian crochet hat.  I have actually just ordered a set of hooks and a book so that I can get to grips with more stitches next year. 

2: I also what to attend more workshops next year.  I have already enroled on the next Textiles course at night school for this term and am really looking forward to it.  I really want to go on a dressmaking course and definitley need to get myself booked onto another art journaling workshop at Art from the Heart in Harrogate!

I started the year with a textiles course at night school - where I made my patchwork crochet bag.  Then I took a big leap and enrolled on a City and Guilds Textiles Level 1 Course (through felt) with Arty Bird in Carnforth.  I have to say, it is one of the best things I've done in ages and I love it.  I'm really looking forward to this years weekends and am hoping to stay on to do level 2. I did enrol on a dressmaking course but, unfortunatley, this was cancelled due to the ill health of the tutor. 


So, what do I want 2013 to bring?  In terms of my life in general I have but one goal:

(Photo cortesy of coffeecupsandraybans on tumblr)

Being happy, in all aspect of my life, is extremley important to me so I'm going to make sure that I do things that make me happy (not what will make others happy but me miserable!)  If I'm happy, then those closest to me will also be happy.

2013 Crafty Goals

Following the success of 2012's crafty goals, I'm going to set myself a few more for 2013.

1. To sew myself a skirt!
I have the most beautiful Amy Butler fabric in my stash which is just crying out to be made into a skirt.  2013 is the year I learn to make a skirt (with the help of a few friends).

2.  To develop The Gingerbread Bunny through: a website, teaching workshops and selling at craft fairs.
2012 has seen The Gingerbread Bunny grow and I want to see that continue into 2013.

3. To blog regularly.
I am aware that I have neglected my blog over the past few months and I want to remedy this in 2013.  I love my blog and, unfortunatley, life got in the way.  I have so much to share with you all and want to make sure I do this.  I've 'borrowed' a few ideas from blogs I love to follow as well as developing some of my own.  New features include a WIP Wednesday post (Work's in Progress) and an Inspirational Quote of the Week on a Sunday (although the first will be tomorrow!) as well as other exciting book reviews and other crafty goodies dotted around during the week.  Hopefully, by adding some structure to my blogging, you will get to read more.

All that leaves me to do is to wish you all a Happy New Year where ever you are and however you like to see it in.  This year, me and Mr Bunny will be enjoying a Lord of the Rings marathon with a few cheeky drinks and nibbles.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Swap it!

For a while now, the wonderful Lousie from  the Caithness Craft Collective Podcast, has been organising swaps in her Ravelry group.  I have joined in with all of them and have received some awesome items and gifts and got to know some fabulous people a little better.

The most recent swap was a christmas decoration and handmade letter swap.  My lovely swap partner was Twinset Jan from Pennsylvania and it was so lovely to arrive home one night to an amazing parcel full of goodies.  She had needle felted me 2 little bunnies who look exactly like the gingerbread bunnies, Hansel and Gretel!  They now have pride of place on my tree and will most definitley be coming out every year. 

Hansel and Gretel Decorations

Also in the parcel was a lovely letter, some Herseys chocolate (as this is made in the State where she lives), a packet of mocha mix - which is delicious, and a skien of sock yarn which is the most beautiful blue and has cashmere in it making it smoochingly soft and snuggly.

Gorgeous yarn - what will it become?

I can report that she has received her package from me complete with a felt owl and a felt robbin decoration and other lovely goodies for her to enjoy.

Swapping is a great way to receive 'nice' mail and I love spending time choosing things to put in my parcel and making items for it to.

The next swap has already been announced - dishcloth and recipe swap with an 'unwanted' christmas gift that you can pass on to a loving home.  If you fancy getting involved, pop over to Ravelry and join the Caithness Craft Collective Group.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Happy 'belated' Christmas Everyone!

It has been quite some time since I last posted - you'll be pleased to know that one of my New Year's Resolutions is to make my blogging more regular but I'll save that for a future post!

Christmas has been and gone and I hope yours was filled with crafty gifts, fun and love.  I had a lovely Christmas spent with Mr Bunny and Grandma Bunny (my Mum - she considers herself the creatures Grandma!!).  I received some lovely handmade goodies including a hand made Gingerbread Bunny as a Secret Santa gift and some crochet mitts and bracelet from my mum.  Mr Bunny bought me Kirsties Vintage Home (yay) and some pink sparkly yarn, a needle case and a whole box of goddies from Felted Fancies Supplies full of ribbon and buttons. 

I handmade a few goodies this year, although not as many as last year.  Inspired by Attic 24 and Julia Crossland, I crocheted a mini wreath for my aunty to go in her new house.  I loved making it and the colours look so cool with all the 'bits'. I'm planning on making one for my house to that can stay up all year round. 

Crochet Wreath

I knitted - yes knitted - a scarf for my goddaughter in some amazing pom-pom yarn I found and felted a knitting needle roll for my best friend, Shinybees. 


Who doesn't want a scarf covered in pom poms??

I made fruit and nut cupcakes for my brother and sister in-laws, decorated with marzipan, icing and some little sugar decorations.  They were a great gift to make and looked really cool all boxed up and wrapped with ribbon.

No event is complete without cake

I also gifted quite a few crafty supplies to inspire and get more people crafting - yarn and knitting needles for my mum and wooden spoon people kits for the children.

All in all, my Christmas has been lovely and crafty.  How crafty was yours? What was your favourite gift?

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Life is like a box of chocolates

Receiving an unexpected gift is amazing. Receiving an unexpected skein of beautiful hand-dyed Nurturing Fibres yarn all the way from South Africa is just awesome!

A good few months ago, I arrived home from work to find a package waiting from me.  I saw the South Africa postmark and Nurturing Fibres label and thought my friend, Jo (aka Shinybees) had sent me a gift. I was correct but my gift yarn was so much more then that.

I was the lucky recipient of a 'me please' skein called 'Box of Chocolates' which the lovely Carle had dyed for her birthday. These skeins were offered to people who had to gift them to someone else (in this case me!)

The gift yarn was accompanied by a letter to explain why the yarn was for you and my letter was truly moving and did, in fact, make me cry.
A few weeks ago, I turned this extra special skein into a shawl! The pattern I used was the Chakra Neckercheif from a past issue of Inside Crochet magazine which worked perfectly to show off all the different colours.  I also added added the bead edging using larger beads which worked really well.

My shawl is, quite possibly, the most important item I've ever made. It is filled with love and hope and lots of happy memories.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Simply Crochet - Issue 1

Squeal!!! There is a new crochet magazine about to hit the shelves in January.  I am so excited about this - a whole magazine dedicated to crochet from the makers of Simply Knitting and Mollie Makes (so it's bound to be fabulous!)

I am lucky enough to be able to share the front cover of Issue 1 with you all and when I saw it I was all excited.  They are also having a special offer - 3 issues for £5 - which I have obviously partaked of!

Roll on January!!