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Friday, 4 May 2012

Wonderwool 2012

It's been a whole since I blogged, so I thought I'd better get a post up before you all thought I'd disappeared! (life just keeps getting in the way!)

Last weekend I found the time to head down to Wonderwool in Wales. As I can't attend Woolfest this year (I'm away on a residential with my class), I needed to get my wool fix. I had even co-erced Mr Bunny to come with me! Plans were nearly scuppered by a very poorly guinea pig with an aggressive eye infection who needed feeding, by syringe, every few hours but my Mum came to the rescue and piggy sat for us.

Not being put off by the weather (which was truly terrible) we headed off early on Sunday morning and arrived just after 10.30am. Parking was easy and there was even a mini-bus shuttle up to the halls for the price of 30p (all money going to the Welsh Air Ambulance). We, however, thought it was a good idea to walk to the halls in the wind and rain. Needless to say, when we got to the halls we where freezing cold and in need of hot chocolate to defrost us!

The venue was huge and packed with traders and guilds. Just like Woolfest, I was totally overwhelmed by the choice of yarn and buttons and notions! We headed over to Toft Alpaca first to see the alpacas and proceeded to look at animals for the first half an hour or so!

We must have walked around 3 times before I actually bought anything as I just couldn't choose, despite being armed with a list! In the end, I bought some purple sparkly sock yarn from Laal Bear to make a shawl and a large button and alpaca pom pom (more a pet really) from Toft Alpaca. In all honesty, I could have spent a fortune!

Mr Bunny enjoyed himself, and I suspect he has bought me some birthday presents as he kept wandering off (he needs to learn that telling me to stay in one place just doesn't work, I'm like a magpie and if I see sparkle I'm off!). He loved the animals and had a go at weaving on a loom. He also bought a small amount of fleece so he can have a go at carding and spinning on my drop spindle!

Wonderwool isn't just about the wool. There are lots of other stalls selling textiles, buttons and lots if food! The wool schools they offer look fab and there are talks throughout the weekend. It is very well organised and there are plenty of people on hand to direct you and offer help. It is definitely worth a visit!