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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Words of Wisdom - A Repeat

This week's Words of Wisdom is a repeat from week 2 (which happened to be way back in January when the weather was a whole lot different to how it is now!)  I'm repeating these words for 2 reasons:

1 - They are relevant to something that happened today

2 - They hold a completley different meaning to me now to what they did then.

Back in Januay, I had just finished my full time job and was embarking on a new stage in my life of part time working through supply teaching and tutoring so that I could spend more time developing The Gingerbread Bunny.  'Things will work out' was the part of this quote that really spoke to me.  Now, 7 months on, things are really different (and I didn't realise how different until I started writing this post).  The part that speaks to me today is 'Don't get discouraged'.  Sometimes things happen that you weren't expecting and that are a bit of a stumbling block on the path.  One such thing happened today.  Instead of feeling downheartened, I actually looked on it as a learning curve and an opportunity to reassess what I was doing and to consider how I might move forward and not to be discouraged by it but to learn from it.

So this week, when things aren't quite working out for you, or one of those nasty blocks pops up, don't be discouraged because things will work out!

Until next time (it won't be as long this time!)

Sarah x