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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Previous Makes!!!

Here are a few of my past makes!   


I used an old passport
I used a range of papers for backgrounds
Last summer me and my mum went to America on a Tribal Bellydance Holiday (My other passion!)  I was inspired by a beautiful lady we danced with over there, Tracy, who was into art Journaling!  I bought a magazine and was completley hooked!  This is the first art journal I made about our fantastic trip!


For Christmas I got the best present ever (as my husband keeps telling me!)  A sewing machine!  Now it is only a very basic model (a mini sewing machine from John Lewis in bright pink!) but it is wonderful!  Here are a few things I have made so far!

I bought a great book, 'How to get the most from your sewing machine' by Marion Elliot.  There was this great idea about how to make a sewing machine cover out of an old pair of jeans!  So I did!  I used the pockets to hold the foot and adaptor and on the back is a pocket for the manual!  It keeps my sewing machine dust free, all it's bits together and looks pretty good!!!

Inspired by a present my friend Jo made me for Christmas, I made my train mad husband this notebook cover using some pretty Cath Kidston fabric!  He did complain that the seing on the ribbon was a bit wonky but given it was only my second sewing machine project, I don't think I did too bad!!! 

This cute vase cover was made from an old jumper I had!