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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I can now share with you the present that I was making a few weeks ago!  The gift has been given and received gratefully.  I am posting in the form of a tutorial, my first one, so please forgive me if I make any mistakes!

I chose the fabric to suit the recipient of the apron.  She loves stars!  I based this apron on the project in the first issue of Simply Homemade but altered the shape of the pocket to make it more interesting and chose to use the same fabric for the ties rather than cotton ribbon!

I used:
1 metre of star fabric
1 FQ of patterned fabric
2 D rings
Sewing machine
Matching Thread

STEP 1 ~ Ironing

I started by ironing the fabric!  This is not my favourite part but is definitley necessary. I then pinned my greaseproof paper pattern to the fabric before cutting out the main apron shape, neck tie, 2 back ties and contrasting pocket with my trusty fabric scissors. 

STEP 2 ~ Pinning

 As my mother always taught me, you need to pin your fabric before sewing!  I pinned all my seam allowances and hems ready to sew.
STEP 3 ~ Sewing the main apron

The best bit.  Sewing!  I used my beautiful pink sewing machine to sew all the way round the out side of the main part of the apron.  I then stitched the neck tie and the back ties inside out, using a safety pin and long piece of string to pull them through the correct way.

STEP 4 ~ The pocket

I pinned the pocket seam allowance all the way round, stitching the top of the pocket.  I then pinned the pocket in place on the main part of the apron and stitched in place.

STEP 5 ~ Putting it all together

Finally, I attached the back ties and the neck ties, looping the shorter neck tie in half with 2 D-rings attached so that the length can be adjusted as needed.  And hey presto!  The apron was made!

I was most pleased with the final result.  I had made one for myself first as a practise and there where a few hiccups along the way, but I got there eventually.  As the friend in question is a keen knitter I made an appropriate card and matching gift tag.


  1. A grateful recipient indeed! I am just drafting a blog post about my wonderful present. I have to say, it is even prettier in the cloth. I am looking forward to wearing it for inspiration whilst crafting!