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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Happy holidays and crocheting in public!

Well, what a holiday I have had and I am going to share some of the highlights right here over the next few weeks!  I have just returned from a fabulous week in Scotland (well I got back about 2 hours ago!).  Mr Bunny and I stayed in a beautiful cottage in a tiny place called Minto surrounded by hills, plenty of sheep and a couple of peacocks!  There has been plenty of rest, a fair bit of crafting and quite a lot of sight seeing and shopping. 

Me outside our gorgeous holiday cottage!
 I took along enough crochet projects to keep me busy, for a couple of years, some journaling supplies and a couple of books (one of which I absolutley loved and will be reviewing in the not to distant future).  I finally got round to crocheting the mitts to match my Rapunzel snood and made a few more granny squares for my patchwork blanket.  There was plenty more that I am saving for future blog posts)

Today is Worldwide Knit in Public day.  I would have loved to have attended an event (and there where a few not too far away from me) but as we where driving back from bonny Scotland this was not logistically possible.  So, to make up for it, as we drove back I made Mr Bunny stop at Carter Bar on the border and take my picture as I crocheted in public both in England and in Scotland! 

Crocheting in England

Crocheting in Scotland


  1. Welcome back Sarah! Glad you had a great time on holiday.
    Those mitts looks sooo soft and fab colours too.
    Loving the public crocheting in 2 countries...wonder how many others can claim that!!
    Looking forward to hearing all about your highlights and holiday handicrafts!!
    Ali x

  2. Thank you Ali! I love Noro yarn - the colours are just so gorgeous.