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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Diary of a Craft Fair Seller

Me and my stall.  I know the banner is a bit wonky but if I'd complained
I think Mr Bunny would have taken the scissors to it!

The day finally arrived today - my first every craft fair as a seller and not as a customer!  This fair has been in my diary since earlier on this year and, rather nicely, it was held at the primary school where I work meaning I knew lots of people and the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed.  I have to be honest that yesterday I was worried that I would not sell anything but, you will be pleased to know, I sold many things and people even placed orders!

Preparing for the craft fair has been a long and time consuming task.  Making plenty of items to fill the stall, pricing up and preparing my table has taken up most of my spare time for the past month or so.  I had a really clear image in my mind of what I wanted my stall to look like and I was really pleased with it.  My table covering came from Abakhan, the banner was from Vistaprint (free!) and I decorated boxes and a picture stand to co-ordinate.  I am also one of those people who likes prices to be visible so I made sure everything had a price on or near it.  Knowing what and how much to make was tricky to but today has helped me to see the sorts of things that sell well and what to have plenty of in the future - I have come to the conclusion that I need a good range of prices and plenty of the lower priced items. 

This morning I arrived nice and early to set up.  Luckily Mr Bunny had volunteered (??) to help and so he tied the banner up whilst I did the pretty things.  I'm glad I left plenty of time to set up my stall as, despite setting it up on the dining table at home as a practise, it still took me a while to decide where things should go. 

The Cake Queen!  Sarah's cupcakes are delicious -
check her out on Facebook!

All in all the day was a success.  Being in a room with lots of creative people (and gorgeous cupcakes) and having the opportunioty to talk about my crafting was great. Listening to people comments and getting feedback on my items was great.  There where lots of positive points to take away and I am really looking forward to my next fair!


  1. Oh,I have some very similar in a few weeks. I'm scared to death. I'm so glad I ran across your blog posting today. Come by for some puddin n pie...

  2. I have just found you (actually in craft seller mag- cool) Have just started my own blog at last and and your post really struck a chord. I haven't done any craft fairs just make for friends at the moment but been toying with idea, but went to one yesterday and felt a bit disheartened coz everyting was soo good but also quite low priced don't think I am at that standard yet. Love your rag rug sample so clever. nice to find you x Lorraine.

  3. Great to hear from you Lorraine! I think it depends on the craft fairs you do as to the price. Mine was at the school where I work so I deliberatley made things I could sell quite cheaply. Pricing is really difficult as there is so much to take into consideration! Good luck with the blog - please could you leave a link so I can take a peek?