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Sunday, 6 November 2011

C is for Christmas Cards

Christmas is getting nearer (49 days away infact) and I am well under way with my preparations.  I have to say I am surprising myself with my organisation this year and hopefully I will be able to avoid the dreaded Christmas Eve shopping for last minute gifts.

This weekend has been all about card making (and re-doing the Christmas cake!) A few months ago I decided that I wanted to make some applique christmas cards for my friends and family and, after seeing a few ideas in magazines, decided on baubles with a jewel colour theme which is the colour scheme for my wrapping this year.

My completed Christmas cards
I started by making the baubles.  The first two I made I actually stitched the bauble onto the snowflake print fabric but then had the idea of actually making the bauble dangle so that it could be removed and used as a decoration.  I attached, using fabric glue, some pretty festive ribbon I picked up for a really reasonable price in Lidl, across the middle and used some thinner ribbon to make a bow and dangle for the top.  To finish it off, I blanket stitched around the outside in a contrasting fabric.

I then cut a piece of christmas fabric (mine is a turquoisey teal snowflake print from Abakhan) and then a pieice of felt slightly bigger.  I attached this to the card base using the sewing machine which was so much fun.  I have never sewn onto card before but it is great!  I didn't worry too much about it being really neat and central.  Finally, I carefully stiched round the ribbon to attach it to the card.

Although it took quite a bit of time, I think it is well worth the time and I sure my friends and family will love receiving these this year!

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  1. What a great idea Sarah...your cards are so colourful and sounds like you had fun making them which is even better! You are really organised!
    Hope to see some more of your Christmas makes soon!
    Ali x