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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Selfish Winter Crochet!

Since Christmas, I have been busily partaking in a little selfish crochet! I have been desperatly searching for a pattern for a slouchy hat for some time now and, as I was browsing the web, I stumbled upon the perfect pattern on a great website - Gleeful Things

Gleeful Things is written by Julie who lives near Los Angeles in California and is her place to share the things that make her happy, her gleeful things!  Her website features her blog, free crochet patterns, crafty tutorials and a link to her shop.  It is beautiful and well worth taking a look at.  

I have made two of the free hat patterns on her website, Gumdrop Slouchy Hat and Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat.  The patterns where extremley well written and really easy to follow and crocheted up really quickly - I crocheted the Gumdrop hat on the way to Bath!

Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat modelled by Fred the Head
Gumdrop Slouchy Hat modelled by Fred the Head!

I have also been having a go at a little mini designing of my own in the crochet world!  I had a fair amount of cream coloured yarn (different brands) in my stash and have turned it into a little set for myself!  I made a ribbed hairband, mesh stitch snood and some mitts.  To join them all together, and to add a splash of colour, I crocheted pink flowers for them all. 

A vision in cream!


  1. Loving Fred the Heid! The crochet set is lovely; very well co-ordinated. Which yarn did you use for the slouchy hats? It looks very fluffy and warm!

  2. hi there, i love your crochet hats! I love when I come across a crochet blog, now we can share projects back and forth. I'm your newest follower!

  3. Jo - I used Wendy Norse yarn for the purple hat and Sirdar Big Softie for the turquoise hat. They both worked really well for them!

    Hi Delilah! Glad you like the blog. I am going to check yours out now!