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Sunday, 19 February 2012

My first sweater!

I have finally done it!  I have crocheted my first sweater.  I actually finished it in January but life has gotten in the way and so I'm only blogging about it now (sorry!)

My finished sweater!
 The pattern I used is the Lace Sweater pattern by Victoria Brown featured in issue 26 of Inside Crochet (check out their blog here with a much better photo of the sweater than I took!)  It was worked from the bottom up with the body made in 1 piece and the sleeves made separatley. The sleeves were then attached to the body and then the yoke and neck of the sweater worked last.  The cuffs, bottom and neck used a lovely raised treble stitch with the body and arms worked in a 7 row repeat lace pattern.  Once I got into the lace pattern, it was very simple to complete.

Close up of the lace pattern

I used some yarn that I had in my stash, Sirdar Country style.  This is a wool acrylic blend which I bought from Abakhan at a bargain price of £12.95 for 12 balls!  It took approximatley 8 balls to make (I made the largest size).  The yarn is a lovely purple colour which washes well!! 

Once complete, the pattern says to steam block it - new for me!  I used a steam iron and the way the yarn changed was very exciting.  

I have worn my sweater a couple of times and it has been admired by many people.  All in all, I really enjoyed crocheting it and am looking forward to tackling my next sweater pattern.   


  1. Congrats! Your first crocheted sweater looks great. Love the color choice.

  2. Congrats! Your first crocheted sweater looks great. Love the color choice.

  3. Thank you! I really enjoyed making it and can't wait to make another one. Such a great sense of achievement!

  4. Sarah your crochet sweater is fab! even more so when you think how recently you took up the hook! Inspiring stuff!
    Keep it up
    Ali x