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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fabric Postcards

Yesterday I received the most beautiful items in the post; a needle felted postcard and flower brooch from my very kind partner in the fabric postcard swap. 

The lovely card and brooch I received
This swap was organised by the fabulous Caithness Craft Collective (presenter of the Caithness Craft Collective podcast which, if you aren't already a listener, you really should become one!)  through her Ravelry group around a month ago.  Being keen and eager to try new things, I signed up immediatley and then had to find out how to actually make a fabric postcard.  A bit of googling later, and some help from my fellow swappers, and I was ready to go.

My postcard was inspired by crafting for bliss.  I began by cutting a piece of fabric slightly larger than the postcard itself and then glued and stitched things to it.  Adding the card to the back was the hardest part and I definitley need to work on that!  Eventually it was finished and here it is.

The postcard I made
I really enjoyed making it and hope that it is the first swap of many to come.


  1. What a lovely idea! Love your postcard Sarah and the one you received...hope you get to do some more!
    Happy Holidays - hope they are going well!
    Ali x

  2. Hi again Sarah...know you are busy but thought you might like to join in a game of tag...its all explained in my latest post. If its tricky to post at least the questions might give you something to think about...!
    Ali x

  3. Thanks Ali! I will definitley join in and get posting this weekend - it looks fab!