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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Off the hook #3 - Hill of Tara shawl

It is finished!!! I am so excited (and slightly relieved) to have finally finished my shawl. I started it what seemed like years ago although in reality it was only the beginning of the year.

The hibernation of this project has nothing to do with the pattern - as an Aoibhe Ni pattern it is fabulously written and very simple to follow. You work it from the centre out in a semi circular shape, increasing at the points to get the pointy effect I so love about this shawl. You work in double crochet front loop only and the bigger it gets the longer the rows become. I made very quick progress at first and then seemed to slow down. Also, I decided that I wanted it to be bigger than the original pattern, really easy to do with this pattern, and this may have been one of the reasons it has taken so long!

I have used 4 or 5 (I've lost count) of King Cole Riot DK in The Deep. The yarn is a wool/acrylic blend and is gorgeous to work with and very soft when washed - it also comes in chunky and is great for mitts and hats! The shade is like the sea, blues, greens and a hint of pink!

I am so pleased with the finished shawl and can't wait to wear it in winter!


  1. OOh looks beautiful Sarah...love the stripes and the shape is amazing..hope you have many happy hours of wearing - not that I'm wishing us any cold weather!
    Ali x

  2. Love the shawl! Haven't tried a crocheted shawl yet but now feeling inspired....

  3. Thanks Ali - I can't wait for cooler weather. I have so much stuff to wear!
    It is a great shawl to make Debbie and really easy to. It is the yarn that creates the effect!