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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Words of Wisdom

This weeks Words of Wisdom have great meaning for me and, I've had to keep telling myself that things will work out in the end regularly this past week. 
I am in an exciting, but also pretty scary place at the moment.  Choosing to give up a full time job as a teacher to work as a supply teacher, private tutor and, the biggy, to be a business woman and grow The Gingerbread Bunny, was a massive leap.  This week, it's hit home like a sledge hammer that I no longer have a very regular income to pay the bills at the end of the month.  Also, I'm still waiting for my CRB to come back for the 3 supply agencies I've registered with - this means I can't work until they come back.  In addition, I have absolutley no idea how much work I'm going to get or how frequent my work will be - eeek.  I don't regret my decision at all - my job has made me very ill for a good number of years now and there came a point where I had to decide if it was worth it anymore and whether my job was more important than my health and happiness.  I chose health and happiness.

I keep reading this quote to remind me that my decision was worth it and, even when times are tough, I need to keep trying!  It's also a great quote to keep reading with regards all of those New Year's Resolutions we've all made.

Until next time

Sarah x

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  1. Keep smiling Sarah! Focus on those fabulous ideas you have! Make the most of the time you have to plan and dream .... before you get booked up!
    Ali x