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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Words of Wisdom - Shut Up!

I apologise for the abruptness of the title if this post but, as you read on, all will become clear!

This week's Words of Wisdom have been inspired by me and what I've been doing far too much of this week - thinking the worst. As someone who is prone to periods of anxiety, every now and again I think the worst. I jump to conclusions. I overthink and over analyse situations.  I know when I'm doing it that I shouldn't and then have to spend time talking and reasoning with myself and thinking the situation through logically to make myself feel less anxious. Later, I often find out that actually my initial thoughts were completely wrong and that I've wasted all this time and energy dealing with something that never was. 

So, this week I'm going to follow these words and tell that negative committee, those anxious thoughts, in my head to shut up!

Sarah x

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  1. I hear you!!! I waste so much time and emotional energy going through conversations and situations which never eventuate.