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Monday, 3 March 2014

Colour and Freeform Crochet

For once, I had a little bit of time to myself this weekend to try something a little new.  Last week, one of my students was asking about freeform crochet.  It is a technique I have seen before - I've admired it and looked at many images of it but I've never actually tried it because, well, I was a little bit scared and had no idea where to start.  She inspired me to do a bit more research and to have a go and, I can safely say, I have found a new addiction!

I began on Pinterest, pinning lots of images of freeform crochet that I liked and looking at the shapes used to build them (you can find my Freeform Crochet board here).  

Through my pinning, I discovered the beautiful Snovej blog with a whole series of  posts and tutorials on freeform crochet.  Her tutorials are very easy to follow and have photographs to help.  They are a great starting point for anyone wishing to enter the world of freeform crochet.

I decided to crochet my shapes and to join them as I went along.  I started with a paisley pattern I had and then a leaf pattern from an issue of Inside Crochet.  I made circles and then used the tutorials on the Snovej blog to make spirals and other exciting shapes.  I tried out the bullion stitch and found I need a lot of practise as this.  As I stitched each scrumble (the name for each shape you make) empty spaces where formed - I crochet circles, triangles and trapeziums to fill these and stitched them in, stretching where necessary to make them fit.  I even added some little pieces stitched behind the work.

I used hand dyed yarns in shades of pink, purple and red which fitted in nicely with this weeks Journal 52 prompt - Colour Swatch.  They are my favourite colours and have now become my latest page in my art journal.

I can't wait to start my next piece of freeform crochet.  I am thinking of making a small purse so will need to do a little bit more research - my next challenge!


  1. I too have been scrumbling this weekend...and found Sonvej! Its great to just go with the flow - look forward to seeing many more freeform creations Sarah!
    Ali x

    1. I love just going with the flow to - it's so creative. Snovej has been a great help to me this weekend - I couldn't have done it without her!

  2. Thank you! You make me blush ...
    Welcome to the world of freeforming! It's a fun place to be! In order to find like-minded people I started a group on Facebook. Do join!
    ~ Marina =)