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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Legoland for Adults!

On Wednesday evening me and Mr Bunny braved the M60 to go to the Legoland Discovery Centres Adult Fans of Lego evening. 

Originally this had been advertised at £12 each (a bit steep when it only lasted 2 hours!) but then a few days before became free! Woohoo!

Mr Bunny has been wanting to visit for ages but, as a family friendly attraction, you need to take a child with you to go.  This was our opportunity and we weren't disappointed.

On arrival there was the obligotory photo with arms in the air (now a fridge magnet) before we headed upstairs to discover how Lego bricks are made with Professor Brick. Of course, we opted for the 4 year olds tour shouting 'we love Lego' in order to get our free bricks.

Next was the laser game ride to shoot the goblins and save the princess and the baby dragon. Of course, I scored the most points. (Competitive? Me?)

The models where next and wow! Models of famous North-West attractions including Blackpool Tower, Manchester Town Hall and the Liver Building. My favourite was the Lake District with Bridge House at Ambelside (one of my favourite places) in Lego.

We got to build a Lego dragon, although I needed a bit of support with this. Mine is called Derek - a very dragonny name.

We also went on the ride and to watch the 4D movie where we got wet! 

We left plenty of time for shopping. I got a turquoise Lego brick lunch box and a Wonder Woman key ring. Mr Bunny was literally a child in a toy shop and took some time to choose what he wanted. I resisted the temptation to buy the Lego Ghostbusters Car.

It was a great night and so much fun. We shall definitely be going again. 

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