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Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Shawl Project - Cherry Pi Update

They are nearly finished! Although this hasn't been without its many traumas.

Sarah's Traumas

1) I crocheted 5 rows and then ripped them back as I didn't think they looked right only to see Michelle's looked exactly the same.

2) I ran out of yarn with a good way to go. The 2 balks of yarn I was using had been opened and possibly some of it used. Luckily, I was using a commercially produced sock yarn and could order another skein - phew!

3) I realised I'd gone down a hook size rather than up (I'm a tight crocheter) but after trauma number 2, I think that was a good thing.

Michelle's Traumas

1) She kept making a mistake on one if the tows which she only discovered on the next row and had to rip lots of crochet back.

2) She has run out of yarn. Her yarn is a gorgeous hand dyed so emergency yarn cannot be purchased. We are currently contemplating the following options: buy an accent colour for the last repeat or rip back yo the mesh section, pull a few rows out so there's enough for the pretty lace section. Michelle is rather traumatised!

Despite our traumas, we do love, love, love the shawl. It is so pretty and lacy. We have learnt that really we need to gauge swatch for the other shawls to make sure it's correct (I'm a bit of a wing it crocheter - I like to live on the edge!). 

I'm hoping to finish mine over the Easter weekend so be ready for some before and after blocking pictures. 

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