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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Making for other people

My Folksy Shop Banner!
This past week has been extremley busy, mainly with work, so I have devoted this weekend to making and generally being a creative soul!  My main aims this weekend were to:

Flower Brooches

Make some zill muffs for my friend Janice (my first comission!)
Make the red wrap for my Folksy Shop
Make some brooches (as requested by my friend Amanda)
Tidy the craft half-a-room (boo!)
List items on Folksy (about time to!)
Have a fab time at the stitch and bitch (my life is so hard)

Jan's Raspberry Zill Muffs!

I am pleased to say that I have achieved all of the above and without too much nagging needed from the husband regarding the whole tidying situation. 

A lot of my making recently has not been for me but for other people whether they be presents, comissions for friends or for my Folksy Shop

I really enjoy making presents and comissioned items for friends.  I get a real buzz from their reaction to having such a thoughtful gift that has obviously been made with love, care and attention.  As has been previously posted on here I made the fantabulous apron for Shinybees birthday and have a hand made present awaiting delivery for Baby Shinybees!  For Mother's Day I made my mother-in-law a crocheted mug hug, that went down really well, and a journal wrap and tub for my Mum which she loved too!

Mug Hug!

Making for my Folksy shop is different, and sometimes more difficult, as there is not a particular person in mind when I'm making.  I always make items that I would like to own as I feel that if they are good enough for me then they are good enough for others!  I have been struggling with what to sell and so have opted to make a few different items to see what sells and have made it clear that I will make custom orders as requested! 

The Red book wrap I made today for sale on my Folksy Shop!

My voyage into online selling for items I have made myself is rather scary but quite exciting at the same time!  I just hope people like what they see!

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  1. I see you have had a productive weekend! Well done on opening your Folksy shop too, excellent work and I love the banner. The Shinybaby is looking forward to opening her present and has a craft project in mind for you...!