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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Spring craftiness!

Beautiful sunny weather!

It is a gorgeous, sunny day here in the north of England.  The sky is blue with a dusting of light, fluffy clouds and the sun is shining brightly!  I could be outside, probably getting sunburned, enjoying this unusally beautiful weather; but I'm not.  I am, instead, inside in my lazy clothes making, blogging, and surfing the web!

Today's post is going to be a quick update on what the Bunny has been upto recently and future crafty plans.


I am loving the crochet!  Since the purchase of the monster hook, I have made a gorgeous open knit scarf all in double chain stitch.  The wool is very soft and the colours I just love.

I have nearly finished the Rapunzel scarf from April's Inside Crochet magazine.  The yarn is Noro Silk Garden which is just so soft and when it is finished it will be such a beautiful and unique scarf.  I just have 1 more strip to go and then join it together and it will be finished!  Keep an eye out for a future post.

Gorgeous yarn!  I love you Noro Silk garden.


My sister has comissioned a journal wrap as a gift for her friend.  This one is purple and matches the card she also asked me to make.  (I will post pictures in the future just in case the recipient of the gift see's this! Don't wnt any spoilers.)


I have been reading Treacle and Ink (a brilliant crafty blog with a new, fabulous crafty podcast) and she has made some gorgeous flower pens.  I have made a couple of these as gifts.  I have also been making Easter cards and a horsey themed birthday card have all been completed. (Again, pictures will follow in the future as I have made these for gifts)

I have had a couple of comissions for flowery hair clips from fellow bellydancers.  I so want to keep them but have plenty already!  Aren't they just gorgeous?

Funky feathery clips
 There has, as usual, been lots of journaling.  There is always lots of journaling going on!


The Easter holidays are looming and so I have a long list of crafty projects;

Bunnies for the RSPCA
Other bunny themed items
Fab shawl from the most recent edition of Inside Crochet magazine (Got to learn to block first!)
More journaling!


I am really interesting in getting to know the readers of my blog a little bit better.  Tell me what crafty projects you are working on at the moment! And, if anyone can help me with how to block, please contact me!

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