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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Beautiful Backgrounds

A good few weeks ago now, I attended a journaling backgrounds workshop, with my Mum, at the fabulous Art from the Heart in Harrogate.  The workshop was taught by Kate Crane, who has been featured in Art Journaling Magazine, and was fantastic!  She taught us 2 techniques for creating backgrounds for journaling.

The first technique involved lots of layering up acrylics using a card to apply them.  We then added spray inks, stamps and shapes to build it all up to create a gorgeous background.  Finally, we journaled on top.  I added some cut out stamps of houses on text taken from old books, putting them on top of some ripped sheet music to ground them. 

The second technique Kate showed us involved finger painting!  Very messy but lots of fun and it created an amazing background!  Again, we layered it up with spray inks, stencils and stamps and then journaled on top.  I picked the lady above, stuck on with tape, and a giant bug which made me think of Doctor Who! 

During the workshop, I had the opportunity to use pastels, which I've never worked with in my journals before, to highlight areas.  Very effective.

Of course, when I got home I had to have a go at these techniques, to make sure I hadn't forgotten how to do them, and I experimented with using fewer colours, different stamps and adding other layers. 

We really enjoyed the workshop, took some great ideas away with us and had the chance to do a bit of shopping (I took cash and no cards!) And of course, we had a lovely dinner in the cafe downstairs, bagel with cream cheese and a giant piece of coffee and walnut cake, mmm! 

(If you go to Kate's blog, there are some photo's from the workshop and you can just see the top of my head, I look very busy!)


  1. Wow, your backgrounds look gorgeous! I'm so glad that you were able to carry on at home and make some more. I love the ones you did at home - you have created some lovely dark and light areas. Great stuff! Kate x

  2. Wow...what fantastic pages Sarah, although a pink lover I think the blue ones are brilliant, particularly the one with the houses. Its great to have so much going on in one place - something different see at each time you look! Is your writing inspired by what you have created on the page or does the decoration reflect what you would like to write about?
    Keep it up! Ali x

  3. Thank you for your kind comments!
    When I journal, Ali, sometimes my writing is inspired by my page, or the pictures I add to my page, sometimes I use journaling prompts as well.