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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiriation!

As a Folksy seller, I am also a follower of their Facebook page and fantastic blog.  This week they have asked us fellow bloggers to write a post about our crafty inspiration, Collective Inspiration - an invitation for crafty bloggers.  Inspired by this invitation, today's post is all about my crafty inspiration.  Enjoy!

This week has been a busy one and as a result, time for craftiness has been at a minimum! Among the projects I have managed to work on are a birthday present for my mother-in-law and an afghan type blanket using left over bits of DK weight wool I have.  The blanket is definitley an ongoing project and is made up of lots of little squares of crochet that are then stitched together.  This project has been inspired by the sock yarn blanket Martine from iMake is currently working on.  What I love about her project is that she receives left over yarn from followers of her blog and so she is creating something really special.  Fabulous!  It was iMake that really inspired me to start my blog in the first place.  The way she shares her crafty exploits with the World is brilliant and I loved the way her blog allowed people from all over the globe to interact and share their love of the craft. 

My first crafting experiences began as a very small child.  There are photos of me, at a very young age, naked and covered in paint from an afternoon of messy fun.  I remember making teddy bears out of gloves with my mum (and I'm pretty sure she still has it) and being taught how to knit, which I have forgotten now, by my mum.  My mum was definitley my first inspiration for crafting!

My Dad and Grandma inspired my love of cooking and baking.  Sunday's where spent at my Grans helping her to cook the tea and usually baking something scrummy for afters.  I remember her making some of of our birthday cakes as well that always looked and tasted fab. 

I am also extremley inspired by the work of other crafters out there whose work I can access and enjoy through the internet.  Tracy inspired my love of Art Journaling during last years trip to America and I love reading the blogs of others and listening to excellent podcasts such as iMake, Electric Sheep, Craft Life and The Knitmore Girls

Folksy asked for your number one inspiration, and this is pretty hard.  As a multi crafter my love of different crafts has been inspired by so many people.  However, if I had to pick one it would definitley be my Mum and Dad (they are married so can be treated as one!)  They encouraged the crafty creativeness as a child, they bought me my supplies, they helped with the building of various models and encouraged me when I was ready to give up.  Thank you Mum and Dad for making me the creative, crafty being I am today!


  1. Gorgeous blog Sarah --- and yes, I still have the glove teddies that you and Katy made! xxx

  2. What a great post Sarah....its difficult to narrow down inspirations sometimes but I think your Number one choice is a fab and natural one!!
    Its really cool that they are following and enjoying your bloggy creativeness too!
    In a way I began blogging to thank some bloggers who had inspired me.
    Lots of bloggers seem to be finding crafty time in short supply at the mo...I'm one of them!
    Looking forward to seeing your blanket (in progress or complete!!)
    Ali x

  3. Great post - three cheers for Mum's and Dad's! x



  4. Very interesting post, love your blog!