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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Getting to grips with pointy sticks!

Some more knitting needles 1 by pennydogaccessories courtesy of Flickr

I have done it, I have learnt how to knit!!!  I must admit I am still definitley a crocheter at heart but I had learn how to knit as there are just so many beautiful effects you can only get through knitting. 

I taught myself how to knit using some instructions from a magazine (I appologise but I cannot remember what it was called - it came with free wool and knitting needles and, to be fair, they weren't that great!) whilst I was on holiday early in June.  I spent a whole evening getting to grips with it, knit stitch was easy but I couldn't work out what I was doing with the purl stitch at all.  The instructions weren't clear enough and, being in a cottage in the middle of nowehere, the internet connection on my phone was not good enough to access the wealth of knoweldge on the web.  After a few texts and phonecalls to my Mum and fellow knitting friend, I finally got it (I had been adding extra stitches by bringing my yarn forward but knitting the stitch - I know this now!) as well as discovering that I had to keep swapping the needles over in my hands (so glad I found this out but I was getting pretty good at knitting left handed!)

Now I knew the stitches, I wanted to knit something. I have downloaded the Lion Brand Yarn App to my iPhone and I love it as it is packed full of patterns for both knitting and crochet which are all free, so I searched for easy/beginner scarf patterns. Many of the scarves for beginners where just a very, very long scarf of knit stitch or stocking stitch which I knew would not keep my interest for long.  Eventually I found my pattern, the Sebastian Scarf which is, pretty much, one big stitch sampler.  It is made up of several blocks of different stitches, basket weave, ribbed and a lovely textured stitch, all framed with knit stitch.  Much more interesting, and so I cast it on.

It took me about 4 weeks to complete the scarf (progress in knitting is much slower than in crochet!) but I really enjoyed knitting it and love the final scarf, it is gorgeous!  It also gave me a great chance to learn different stitches as well. 

So, here it is:

I will definitley be keeping a knitting project on the go alongside my many crochet ones.  I have already cast on a basket weave cowl using my beautiful angora wool and, I have to say, it is looking good - hopefully it will be finished by winter!!!


  1. Clever you, teaching yourself to knit! The scarf is fab! I love knitting and crochet, don't know which I favour. It's a great activity to do while watching tv but does mean the occasional lost stitch in the exciting bits ... xxx

  2. Wow that scarf looks amazing - how cool to learn and polish off all those stitches...full marks for perseverence!! I really admire your stamina and enthusiasm to learn new skills Sarah.
    Keep up the great woolly creating!!
    Ali x