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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Getting organised and the Summer Crafty Challenge!

I am not the tidiest person in the world, infact, Mr Gingerbread Bunny is frequently complaining about the magazines I've left on the coffee table, the wool on the couch and the clothes I leave all over the floor!  My craft half-a-room had also gotten a little bit untidy of late and needed a good sort out and reorganising so, that is what I set to do today!

I store my crafty bits and pieces in various boxes and baskets and everything does have its place (when I put it away!)  My fabric is organised by size into crates and my wool is in a plastic box with a lid (so the moths don't get at it).  There isn't a vast amount of space for things so I have to make good use of what I have, space under the table, on the windowsill and on the tiny shelfy box thing against the wall. 

Tidy room!
I also have lots of crafty books and ideas taken from magazines.  The books live on the bookcase in my bedroom whilst all the clippings I put into various folders and notebooks according to their craft.  I have acquired many of these and hadn't gotten round to sorting them out so I did this today - it took ages!

Hopefully, I will maintain the very tidy state of my craft half-a-room for quiet some time!

Now, being a teacher, it is the summer holidays so I have set myself a Summer Crafty Challenge!  Each day I am going to do something crafty or craft related.  I had initially been too ambitious and aimed to complete a crafty project so am now being more realisitic!  I am posting my crafty activities each day on my Facebook page and on my new Twitter account as gingerbreadbun!  If you would like to join me in the challenge, which lasts until the 1st September, that would be amazing!

I would love to hear about your organisation tips and your crafty projects!

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