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Monday, 1 August 2011

I love mitts!

I love ....

It seems like ages ago since I last sat down to type a blog post!  I have been away for a long weekend in Boscombe near Bournemouth (about 300 miles away!) for a Tribal bellydance Teacher Training Course which has just been awesome.  I highly recommend Boscombe if you love vintage clothes and accessories!  The beautiful heart picture above was what came on top of my scrummy mocha in an amazing coffee shop called Boscanova in Boscombe (where they also have a weekly Knit and Natter)

Anyway, I am in love; with fingerless mitts!  My 'away' crochet project this weekend has been the Penny Farthing fingerless mitts by Aoibhe Ni from her Gloves to Love pattern book (which is available to download from Ravelry for a very reasonable price.) 

Now then, before I share the pics of the completed crochet, I want to gush over the beautiful patterns in the book because they are amazing. I am a big fan of Aoibhe's crochet patterns as they are so modern and beautiful and her patterns are regularly featured in Inside Crochet magazine.  The glove patterns are just beautiful and I want to make every single pair.  There are short mitts, long mitts, thick Aran weight mitts, 4 ply mitts, fancy patterns, plain.  I want them all!  It is pretty likely that is I know you, you will be getting some fingerless mitts for Christmas.

So, here are my mitts in their finished crocheting stage.  They still need seaming at the side and some ribbon and buttons adding (keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for completed pictures).

Penny Feather Mitts


  1. Love the colour and pattern of your mitts Sarah - shame its too warm to wear them...yet!!
    That coffee looks pretty yummy too!
    Ali x

  2. i also hav a blog seema's collection .if interested u can join me.Would like to share some crochet designs with u.