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Monday, 15 August 2011

Keep calm and drink tea!

Photo courtesy of nicasaurusrex on Flickr
There is nothing better than a good cup of tea.  In fact, we Brits are well known for drinking copius amounts of the stuff.  The first thing we do when someone visits is to put the kettle on and 'brew up', making everyone a nice, refreshing cup of tea (and if you're lucky, there is often a scrummy biscuit to go with it!)  Even when faced with a crisis, there is always someone on hand to offer you a cup of tea because, quite frankly, a cup of tea solves everything!

As you are probably already aware, last week we witnessed some of the most appauling behaviour from a minority (and I emphasise that it was a minority) of citizens, as they rioted, looted and quite frankly made a right show of themselves, across the country.  In the face of adversity, there were, as only we could have in Britain, people on hand to offer our police officers a good cup of tea (all be it served on the back of a riot shield) to show their support for the very difficult job they had to do.

On Facebook, a group was started to encourage us all to calm down and drink a cup of tea. 

So, this brings me onto my crafting.  In the most recent issue of Inside Crochet there was a pattern for a magnificent tea cosy designed by the amazing Aoibhe Ni (I adore her patterns).  It was unusual, funky and quirky and so I knew I had to make it.  I raided my stash and found the perfect wool, as it needed to be one that would felt, and set about to make the tea cosy.  It had it's outing at the Stitch 'n' Bitch I hosted with my friends (my Mum, Jo and Jan) last Friday, and was admired by all. 

Inspired by making this tea cosy, I decided to have a go at desigining and making one of my own, and this is what I came up with;

It reminds me of a swimming cap from the Seventies!


  1. Love your tea cosies Sarah both quirky...yes your design does conjour that swimming cap memory! I am amazed how much you have made and designed with your hook in such a short space of time...
    Keep keeping calm and crochet on!!
    Ali x

  2. Oh my.... I swear I WAS British in a past life... Tea makes everything better, more bearable and sometimes it's the only thing that helps. You can warm your fingers, warm your nose and sooth your soul all at once! I ADORE the tea cozies!!! The one with the dangly star is just awesome! I would seriously consider wearing the one with flowers for a hat myself! :)))))

  3. I don't suppose i could talk you into sending me the tea cozy pattern from that magazine? It is just super adorable, and I've showed Mum (my cheif crocheter) ~ and she's willing... but needs directions. I wish I were closer, I'd pop down the store and buy the issue... and then drop by for a spot of tea! (from under the cozy!)

  4. Hi Melody! Any chance you could drop me an email at thegingerbreadbunny@hotmail.co.uk? I have something to send you!