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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Makes!

So it is over for another year: Christmas has been and gone in the blink of an eye and, if I'm being completley honest, I haven't fully recovered yet!  I love Christmas and was lucky enough to spend it with the people I love and care about most.  Plenty was eaten on Christmas day, lots has been drunk (and still is being) and presents have been given and received.

As you may remember, I was making quite a few of my gifts this year and now that they have been given, I can share pictures of them with you.

Some of the items I made!
I crocheted many pairs of fingerless mitts, hats and cowls, made a rag wreath heart for my aunty, a batik 'Socks in progress' bag for my friend (which I forgot to photograph) and of course there was the scarf of doom I knitted. 

Rag Wreath Heart

I also put together some crafty gifts, mainly some gorgeous hand spun and dyed sock yarn to go with the sock bag and I bought my mum some beautiful sparkly yarn to crochet with.

The Christmas cards I made have been admired and commented on by the lucky people who received them (check them out here).

I to received some lovely crafty Christmas gifts including some homemade blackberry vodka, homemade fudge and Kirsties' new craft book.


  1. Such lovely things! It's so nice to give home-made gifts (and to receive them) because they have a little bit of the person in them. Like the sound of the blackberry vodka! xx

  2. Thank you! It was really nice to give them. The blackberry vodka is yummy. I am going to have the blackberrys on a meringue later on with some cream.