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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Keeping the troops warm!

Sometime in October I answered the crafty call of Louise from Caithness Craft Collective (check out her fabulous podcast if you haven't already done so) to put my crochet to good use; making hats for the troops in Afghanistan.  This project had been born by a lovely lady on the Isle of Man, who, if I have my information right, is related to someone currently serving out in Afghanistan. 

So I got out my hook and my yarn and began to make my hat.  I posted it to the Isle of Man and, feeling rather pleased with my efforts and with a slightly more shiny halo than usual, forgot about it!  I had done my bit.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago now and the arrival of a bluey (a letter used by the armed forces to send mail overseas) through my door.  Mr Bunny was at home that day and text me, rather worriedly I think, to say this bluey had arrived.  I spent most of the day wondering who it could be from.  Once I got home I discovered that this particular letter was from one of the soldiers who has received our hats thanking us for making them. 

How lovely is that?  I didn't expect anything but to receive anything but to know that our efforts are appreciated is amazing.  It reminded me of the importance of saying thank you when someone does something for you and, if a soldier serving out in Afghanistan can say thank you then I definitley can!

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