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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Choosing the one

This week I have acquired a new lady in my life and I'd like to introduce you all to Dorothy, my new sewing machine.

A few Christmases ago, my husband bought me my first sewing machine (much to the horror of a few of my work colleagues who couldn't believe that I was getting a 'tool' for Christmas!) I chose a John Lewis mini in bright pink. It was reasonably priced and basic. I chose it because, quite frankly, the more advanced machines scared me to death with all those dials and selectors and so I wanted something easy. It was perfect and did what I needed - straight and zigzag stitch. It was a great little machine to get me started but I needed more from my machine. It was time to say goodbye.

There are so many sewing machines out there that picking the right one is, quite frankly, like choosing a partner!

Can I live with this machine for the rest of my life? (or at least for the forseeable future?) Sewing machines are a big investment with some costing hundreds of pounds!

You have to pick a machine that is right for you and suits your needs. Are you just doing a bit of sewing for fun? Do you want to make clothes? Are you interested in embroidering with it? All important considerations when buying a machine.

These where all questions I had to answer.
My new machine is also a John Lewis model (which I'm led to believe are made by Janome) As me and my first machine got on so well, I decided to stick with what I know.

I want a machine for sewing and dressmaking. Im not interested in using it for embroidery (and am not likley to in the future) Dorothy (my machine) can do button holes and has a removable bit to make cuffs and legs easier to sew - very handy for a wannabe dressmaker!

Looks also came into it to (some people may consider this when choosing a partner!) Dorothy is a stunner! She is purple with contrasting pink dials and very sleek. I know I shouldn't be, but I was drawn to her looks!

Like most people, I was working within a budget. I could have spent a little more than I did but I certainly didn't have the funds to buy a fancy machine (which I probably wouldn't use because it would be to complicated and intimidating!!)

I have had a play with Dorothy and she is amazing! I feel like a professional seamstress.

Me and Dorothy are going to be very happy together!

Please Note: no sewing machines where harmed in the making of this blog. Mini machine has been rehomed in Freckleton (with my sister) where she is leading a productive and seeing filled life.

Now, that's not to say that we can't substitute effectively. Last weekend I discovered that a pair of £5 dog brushes work very well as carders. Sometimes we can use a different tool and get the job done equally well.

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  1. I hope that you and Dorothy are very happy together!

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