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Monday, 22 October 2012

Craft Junkie

When I was sewing at 7:30am on Friday morning (it was the first day of the half term holidays) Mr Bunny came into Gingerbread Bunny HQ and declared that I was a craft junkie.  It made me chuckle as, quite frankly, it is true.  I am addicted to craft.  I love it.  I would go without new clothes so that I could buy wool or a new sewing machine.  I have swapped Cosmo for Mollie Makes.  Any opportunity to craft, I grab with both hands- I crochet in cafes, in the car and in the waiting room at the doctors.  I do it because I love it!

This weekend I have been a craft junkie all weekend.  It was weekend 2 of my City and Guilds Level 1 course in Textiles through Felting.  I am really enjoying the course and finding it so challenging and rewarding.  It is really developing the design side of my craft and, quite frankly, aspects of it make my brain hurt - in a good way of course! 

We made 2 felt pictures, inspired by our sunset paper collages.  We used carders to blend colours, which is just amazing, and used both a white and a coloured background.  I discovered that I am a 2 layer felter and that I definitley think in pictures rather than the abstract. I love the second felt picture much more than the first as it has more depth.  I wish I'd added a touch of blue to the sky, but I will be able to do that when we embroider and emblish. 

First picture before felting

Felt picture 2

We did some uneven dyeing using our accent colour, mine being orangey yellow.  This was very cool - I have discovered a real love of dyeing.  Not knowing how it was going to turn out was very exciting. My felting friends created some amazing dyed fabrics in purples and reds.  It was fabulous.

I love uneven dyeing!

Of course, there was much more going on over the weekend.  In fact, it was nonstop and we got so into our felting on Saturday, we worked over lunch.  I have plenty of homework to do before the next weekend and I'm going to be felting at home this week whilst I'm on half term. 

Here is a final treat.  We ate our luch outside on Sunday as it was such a beautiful day.  We made a new friend, a gorgeous black cat, who spent a lot of time with us.  Isn't he a cutie?!

Our new furry friend

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  1. Wow Sarah! Love your colourful felting! Your vibrant dyeing is sooo cool too!
    Hope you have a happy half term creating!
    Looking forward to news of your next projects!
    Ali x