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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

4KCBWDAY3 - Infographic

What a challenge for today!  Infographs combine images and texts in a way which visually communicates a piece of information.  (Think Venn diagrams, pie charts and other graphs)  They can be extremley accurate and scientific or can be just for fun.

Strangley enough, I have opted for a fun one today which is by no menas accurate and should not, under any circumstances, be taken seriously!!! I shocked myself with this choice as I am quite mathematical and would have thought I'd go for a lovely mathematical infograph but the lure of using sweets to express information was just to great.

Project Distribution

I have chosen to create an infograph to show the distribution of my craft projects.  Generally I make for 3 groups of people: me (yellow sweets), friends and family (blue sweets) and to sell (green sweets).  The infographs below show firstly I how would like my distribution of craft projects to look and secondly how it looks in realistically.

Project distribution I would like

Project distribution I have

As you can clearly see, I would like to be making lots of things for me (like that skirt I've been planning on making for the past year), some for family and friends and some for selling.  Realistically, I make less for myself than anything else with most of my projects being made for selling.

What would your infograph look like to show your craft project distribution?

Until tomorrow.

Sarah x

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