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Thursday, 25 April 2013

4KCBWDAY4 - Colour Review

What colours do you tend to buy when you shop for yarn or fabric?  That is the question I am going to answer today.  I'm going to look at this in   parts.  What I favour when I buy, what I have actually used in my projects and what I have in my stash.  Will they be the same?  Let's find out!

What do I buy?
I love colour and generally like anything that is bright and colourful.  I love multicoloured fabrics and variagated yarns, probably why I love sock yarn.  I buy lots of purple, teal and pink as these are colours I love.  I know now that I avoid black, white, cream and brown unless they are for a particular project and generally that will be for someone else.

What have I used in my projects?
Lots of purple.  Lots and lots of purple in jumpers and cardigans.  I have also used pink and turquoise and many variagated yarns in shawls and blankets.  I have used green for a gorgeous hooded cardigan which isn't a colour I'd normally used but is an item I wear a lot.

Project Colours

What do I have in my stash?
My stash contains: purple, teal, pink, turquoise, lots of variagated sock yarns in various colours and some cream.  I have sparkly yarn aswell as I love a bit of sparkle. 

A small selection from my stash!

It is really interesting to look at my yarn colours and see that I use lots of the same colours.  I do feel that I need to expand my colour choices.  I'd love to introduce some more green and orange into my stash as well as grey.

Take a look at your yarn stash.  What colours do you have?  Do you tend to be drawn to the same colours?

Until tomorrow.

Sarah x


  1. Ooo I love your colour palettes. I'm a big fan of purple and jewel colours, anything rich and vibrant lol

    1. I am to - that is probably why it takes up so much of my stash!! I do need to add some new colours in though.

  2. love the assortment of colors in your stash and projects