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Friday, 16 May 2014

5KCBWDAY4 - Conversations Between Workers

I store my hooks, darning needles, scissors and anything else I might need whilst crocheting in Birdy, my beautiful pencil case.  He is quite large (he needs to be) and is yellow with pictures of birds and bird cages on it.  He has a handy little extra pocket on one side where I keep a pen, pencil and highlighter - always useful to have to annotate patterns.

Considering how long I've had him, he is in really good shape.  He came from Tesco (other supermarkets and retailers of pencil cases are available) in the sale.  I can't recall his price then but to me he is priceless.  If I ever lost him, I would be devastated as all my favourite hooks, which I have collected during my crochet life, are in him waiting to be chosen for my next project!

Me:  Hello Birdy, how are you today?
Birdy:  I'm quite well thank you.  And you?
Me:  Not to bad, not to bad.
Birdy:  Are you ready to start a new project?
Me:  Yes I am.
Birdy:  Which hook will you be needing?
Me:  Well the pattern says a 4mm
Birdy:  Ahh.  I recommend a 4.5mm then for you Sarah.  As you know, your natural tension is on the tight side so generally you always need to go up .5mm hook size.
Me:  Very true - you're always so helpful! What would I do without you?
Birdy:  Always happy to help.  Now, you have two 4.5mm hooks in here.  Will you be needing the Clover hook with the ergonomic handle or the light up hook?
Me:  Good question Birdy.  The yarn is pretty dark for this project, I think the light up hook will be best.
Birdy:  Very good, very good.  
(Sound of clinking and rummaging as Birdy locates the hook)
Birdy:  Here you go.  Now be careful with it, last time you used it to play Star Wars and nearly broke it.  Remember - a light sabre it is not.
Me:  I will be careful Birdy.  Cross my heart.
Birdy:  Good luck with the project Sarah.  Be sure to show me when you're done.
Me:  Thanks Birdy.  I will.
Birdy:  Oh - one last thing.  Is there any chance you could give me a bit of a tidy up? I'm getting a bit full and there are things in here we never use.
Me:  Of course Birdy - I'd do anything for you!

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