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Friday, 16 May 2014

5KCBWDAY5 - Something a Bit Different

It's that time of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week again - time to produce a post a little bit differently to what I would normally do.  Last year I made a Vlog (Video Blog) which you can check out here.  This year I'm going for a post that is mainly photographs.

On Wednesday I took photographs of my day to share with you all.  I've included a short caption with each so that you know what it is of and how it relates to my day.

A Day in the Life of Me

Starting the day tutoring (and eating my breakfast!) 

A quick stop on the way home for supplies.
Beans on toast for dinner.
Time for a spot of fabric and yarn dyeing
Uneven dyeing some vegetable threads for my felt course
Drying on the line - you'll have to wait and see what they are for.
The Peace Silk really absorbed the colour.
Time for a bit of crochet - working on a mesh shopping bag in cotton .....
.....and a cup of green tea to go with it.
Stopping to see the cows on my way to tutoring in the afternoon.
Look at the pretty flowers.
Doing a bit of spelling.  Some interesting words with the 'ee' sound.
Time to relax with a spot of knitting.
Finally, time to make my list for tomorrow in my Bullet Journal before going to sleep.

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